In this article, we outline how much alcohol is classed as a binge, the effects it can have, and what you can do to stay safe when drinking alcohol. It can be hard to stop if you frequently drink or binge drink. You might even end up drinking a few drinks from time to time. There are things you can do to avoid binge drinking or stop altogether. However, not every strategy will work for you, so you’ll have to understand what causes you to binge drink. The most severe effect of prenatal alcohol exposure is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

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Binge Drinking Can Be Reduced With As-Needed Naltrexone.

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Because of this initial effect, people often use alcohol to cope with social anxiety. You might binge drink in order to feel confident talking, flirting, or making jokes with strangers. If you’re a binge drinker, the first step to changing your drinking problem is to understand what factors drive your behavior. Depending on your age, different factors may come into play, but some motivations are common among all age groups. Alcohol use continues to take up more of your time and energy, impacting your physical and mental health until you need to take serious steps to address your drinking problem.

How to tell if you’re binge drinking

While you can’t force a loved one to abandon their binge drinking habits, voicing your concerns and offering support in the right way may help motivate them to change their ways. Only about 10 percent of people who binge drink struggle with a dependence on alcohol. However, the more frequently you binge drink, the more at risk you are of developing an alcohol abuse problem.

Maybe you don’t think you depend on alcohol exactly, but you still wonder whether you might be drinking too much. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is an independent panel of non-Federal experts in prevention and evidence-based medicine and comprises primary care providers. The USPSTF conducts scientific evidence reviews of a broad range of clinical preventive health care services and develops recommendations for primary care clinicians and health systems. In times of stress, hardship, or loss, help your loved one find better ways to cope with negative emotions.

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“A bottle of something in the laundry basket or under the bathroom sink became part of life. At this time, no one knew that I was drinking at all.” Dr. Michael Olla is the medical director at Valley Spring Recovery Center in New Jersey and specializes in psychiatry and addiction treatment. Explore alternative ways to manage stress, anxiety, or emotional struggles without relying on alcohol, such as exercise, meditation, or engaging in hobbies. Priory offers a free addiction assessment at one of our treatment centres within our nationwide network. This assessment gives our team an opportunity to find out more about your circumstances and the severity of your drinking so that they can recommend the most effective form of treatment for you. “We need to transform the way we talk about alcohol so we all understand exactly how much we are drinking – and what it is doing to us.”

Peer pressure is one of the most common reasons why people overdrink, especially when they’re young or inexperienced drinkers. Avoid these places and situations until you feel your drinking is under control. It might help to not drink for a while or limit yourself to one drink per week. By avoiding alcohol, you’re taking a big step toward improving physical health. As you begin to notice those health benefits, you’ll likely feel more energized and inspired to keep up your progress.

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Another study in 125 women with obesity found that better social support was linked to decreased binge eating severity (31). Aim to squeeze in at least 8 hours per night to keep your appetite in check and reduce your risk of binge eating. Conversely, keeping healthy foods on hand can reduce your risk of emotional eating by limiting the number of unhealthy options. Summary Yoga can help prevent binge eating and may reduce common triggers like stress, depression, and anxiety.

how to stop binge drinking

If they’re going through a breakup or job loss, for example, be there to listen and assure them that things will get better. Instead of going to a bar where they can “drown their sorrows,” offer other alternatives, like taking a hike together or going on a road trip. Saying something like, “Well, that’s my one drink for the night,” might help your loved one remember their own limit. To help an underage drinker drop the habit, you’ll need to understand their motivations and be willing to converse with them in a nonjudgmental way.

Effects of Binge Drinking

To stop drinking alcohol, you first need to understand your relationship with drinking. From there, you may need social support, consistent self-care, and new routines how to stop binge drinking that can help redirect your mind. No matter how you choose to support your loved one’s efforts to stop binge drinking, remember you’re not their therapist.

how to stop binge drinking

Drinking too much can also make managing other health problems and conditions more difficult, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. You may not need to completely reinvent your life to quit drinking, but making a few changes in your surroundings to help avoid alcohol triggers can make a big difference. Becoming more aware of your alcohol triggers and reasons for drinking can help you plan ways to help manage the urge to drink.